Monday, January 14, 2008

It's a green world out there...

Green. These days, it's a way of living. But for those of us addicted to travel, "green" poses a nasty dilemma: How does a globetrotter roam without the aid of carbon-releasing transit (i.e. planes, trains and autos)? Well, er... we haven't come up with that solution yet. I mean, I can't exactly hike to Mount Everest from Detroit.

No worries. There are ways to compensate. In fact, the travel industry is quickly gaining speed by constantly popping out additional options for the eco-conscious among us. That said, this isn't the place to criticize or downplay any conscious attempt to make travel eco-smarter. I'm simply here to point out the good that's going on, and let you all judge for yourself.

I hope that in these posts you'll find thought-provoking ideas, sound advice, cool suggestions and most importantly, an ease in planning more eco-friendly journeys.

Lookin' for a bit of inspiration? Bookmark this page. You might just find that the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

Safe travels!

- J


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SwissBikeRider said...


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