Thursday, February 28, 2008

Better business travel

Business travel is a fact of life. Not always a convenient, favored fact, but a fact still. To make the most of your not-so-9-to-5 travels, Rearden recently launched the "Total Green Travel Experience" - an online, corporate booking tool loaded with eco-friendly features.

Bribe your boss and you could be privy to the service's green bonuses, including an intelligent Carbon Calculator, hybrid car services and web/audio conferencing. Need some statistics to prove your point to the Man? In recent months, 36 percent of surveyed respondents said they reduced company travel as a measure for supporting sustainability. Nearly half indicated a feeling of guilt due to their traditional travel choices. 'Nuff said.

View a demo @


Anonymous said...

The best way to reduce business travel is to switch to tele-conferencing or web-conferencing. However, if travel is unpreventable, then consider offsetting your travel - offsetting the emissions associated with your travel. If you have to take a flight, consider Air Canada and Zerofootprint's travel offset (

Jessica Blair said...

Great tip! Thanks :)

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