Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Golden Gate dreams at new Cavallo Point

This May, San Francisco's gonna take on a brighter shade of green with the introduction of Cavallo Point: The Lodge at the Golden Gate. Perched upon the city's "urban edge" and giving way to the untamed wildlands along the coastline, Cavallo Point will serve as a base camp from which to explore the Golden Gate National Parks - whose borders it lies within. The first national park lodge in San Francisco Bay, the lodge will serve as the launch home to Institute at the Golden Gate, an eco nonprofit dedicated to the Golden Gate National Parks conservancy.

Although only five miles from San Francisco's Marina district and 21 miles from San Francisco International Airport, this is terrain meant for outdoor discovery and intense exploration. Cavallo Point guests can hike, bike, fish, tour and taste their way across San Francisco Bay and more than 80,000 acres of surrounding open space, including one of America's largest national parks in an urban area. The world-class attractions of San Francisco, Marin, Berkeley, and the fabled wine country of Napa and Sonoma are all a short distance away.

Historically-inclined travelers can book one of the lodge's 68 restored, original rooms that once served as officer's quarters. For the rest, there will be 74 new suites and rooms offering sprawling views of none other than the Golden Gate Bridge

While U.S. Green Building Council LEED certification is pending. green building elements at Cavallo Point include state-of-the-art unisolar panels fully integrated into metal roofing, low VOC glues, paints and carpets, and green building materials (denim insulation, extensive use of bamboo and recycled woods, and low-E glass, for example). Cavallo Point's extensive open spaces will be restored with more than 30,000 native plants raised from seeds collected from the adjacent parklands.

For the nitty-gritty, visit http://www.cavallopoint.com/.
Room and program reservations are available by calling (415) 339-4700.

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