Friday, February 22, 2008

Natural packables

I don't like the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) all that much. It's almost as if they strive to make my life difficult with carry-on regulations like no "liquids or gels" in containers larger than three ounces. (Who decided three ounces was the cut off?) And if you do bring tiny containers of travel essentials (think hairspray, face wash, lotion...) you've got to find a quart-size Ziplock to seal them up in -- and hope that they fit. And then you've gotta pack them so you can easily grab them to put through the X-Ray machine seperately. Honestly, just talking about it all makes me tired and cranky.

And don't even get me started on laptops...

To make life easier on all of us - and keep things au-natural, I've found a few "travel kits" that fit the bill; well, they're all under three ounces and smell good. Take a look. You can purchase them all at; plus, if you're a first time buyer you'll get free shipping on a purchase over $25. (The drugstore thing has never been so convenient.)

Alba's Hawaiian Travel Kit
(above) - A simple set that includes the best basics: organic body wash, moisturizer, face wash, and sunscreen. Sweet scents are a trademark with Alba and these ample sizes mean you won't run dry before heading home. ($12) Practicality rating: A

Juice Organics-to-Go Kit - A five-piece kit for healthy skin care, this regimen includes a milk cleanser, face mist, exfoliator, antioxidant serum and moisturizer. Mine came with a bamboo washcloth bonus that's super soft and ideal for swapping with scratchy hotel towels. ($29) Practicality rating: B+

Korres' "Best of Korres" Kit - An intro to the naturally-focused line, this sampling offers a body butter (in yummy guava scent), two shower gels (basil lemon scent and vanilla cinnamon), as well as a few tiny, tiny samples of moisturizer, eye cream and cooling gel. ($25) Practicality rating: B+

For the bambino, check out Little Twig's Organic Travel Basics Kit ($17) that comes with a fun "scrubby bug bath mitt", baby wash, body milk, powder and diaper cream for sensitive skin. It's adorable and would make a cute gift for a new travel mama.

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Pinky Bean said...

Hi there,

Those are some great travel products! I'll admit I didn't even stop to think they made natural beauty products in a convenient travel size.

I thought our readers might also like hearing aboout these, so I posted a link and encouraged them to check out your site!

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