Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Making Hilton Head home

Chances are that if you're interested in traveling green, you're interested in living green, too.

What better way to combine both loves than to create the perfect escape - an eco-friendly vacation home? If Tradition Hilton Head, South Carolina is your ideal destination, and your grandmother hasn't recently left you a hefty inheritance, you might be interested to hear about HGTV's first ever "Green Home Giveaway."

Like the usual HGTV contest, it's an online opportunity to win a dream home (as well as a GMC Yukon Hybrid to park in the driveway!) by simply entering on the Web site daily. Certified by LEED for Homes, and decked out with the latest in environmentally-conscious appliances, furniture, building materials and powering, this lovely house is a gleaming showcase of lifestyle-friendly, green technologies.

Want to call this eco-escape YOURS? Enter to win now until May 9th at


Mark Kreuzwieser said...

Wonderful blog on the HGTV Green Home at Tradition Hilton Head!
It is open daily to the public for guided tours, and tour ticket proceeds go to our local United Way, whose volunteers are the actual guides.
It is a beautiful home and worth a trip to see. The tours run through May 18.

Lisa Gibala Warren said...

Kevin and I have been entering. How cool is that?

Jessica Blair said...

You know that I've been entering DAILY... what a dream!

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