Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the City... New York City, that is

This weekend, millions of women are experiencing the heart and soul of New York City, if only at their local cinaplex. Yesterday, I joined a hearty, late-night crowd to view the gals of HBO's "Sex and the City" series as they hit the big screen. Just like each character, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, personify individuality, so does the fifth, and some might argue, most important charter in the script: NYC.

It is, after all, the backdrop of their lives, and that of so many others that live in and visit every year. The big apple. The pulsing heartbeat of America, raking in 43.8 million tourists in 2006 alone.

So, in honor of our urban heroines, I'm saluting NYC and making a couple of recommendations for your next eco-theme trip to the city that plays host to more than 1,300 environmentally-friendly businesses and resources. And to do so, I'm flipping through the green living bible and guidebook for both dwellers and tourists, "Greenopia: New York City" ($17.95).

Greenopia, which highlights green go-tos for everything from green chocolatiers (Vere Goods) to eco-friendly dry cleaners (Green Apple Cleaning), provides a resourceful travel and transportation sections. In it, readers will find cab services that reduce their carbon footprint, bike rentals and more.

Using their independent Green-Leaf Award system, the book also highlights and rates several accommodations choices, including unique options such as: East Village Bed & Coffee, Greenpoint Lodge, and Sugar Hill Harlem Inn.

Bottom line: Check out the guide before plotting your next guilt-free, urban adventure. You can find it on Greenopia, at your local Barnes & Noble booksellers or Whole Foods. The thorough 325-page paperback is printed on 100 percent deinked, recycled fibers (chlorine-free) and offset in partnership with



Hi Jessica,

Looks like a great book. Wish I had it with me when I was visiting NYC last year.

This post would be great for the newly formed Green Travel Carnival that will be hosted next week at Traveling the Green Way

Would you be interested in submitting it to the carnival?



amanda said...

Hi there,
I was reading this post and it reminded me of a promotion they are doing in Boston right now. It is called BeanTown is GreenTown and there are two hotels, two restaurants, a clothing store and Boston Pedicab. I'll post their website below. Let me know if you have any questions about it!

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