Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Perfectly Packable: Springtime Slip-Ons

Charlize Theron teams up with TOMS for a sunny, new slip-on

If you're thinking spring (and you should be, since it becomes official tomorrow - despite whatever you see out your window), you'll drool over these sunny kicks from TOMS.

Created in partnership with Charlize Theron's Africa outreach organization (their brightly hued logo adorns the shoe), each pair sold supports the effort to keep African youth safe from HIV/AIDS. Inside, the organization's mission is scribbled: "Look Within. Think Beyond. Reach Out." Pretty straight forward, no?

I've heard from a number of folks that these canvas-style slip-ons are as comfy as it gets and perfect for packing. Whether you're exploring the concrete jungle or toeing sand in the tropics, they've got a reputation for being versatile and reliable. And, let's be honest, all of the cool kids wear them. Now, take all of that and add to it the fact that for every pair you purchase, TOMS donates a pair to a child in need. Talk about good karma.

Guilty admission: While I'm a huge fan of the TOMS business model, I've got to be honest. The canvas shoes make my feet look like little awkward mummies. I just can't walk out the door in a flat-footed shoe that's not a flip flop. (On the list of to-dos is to try on the brand's wedges. OMG. These? Love.)

Women's sizes: $58; children's sizes: $34.

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