Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Perfectly Packable: A Rub-On Scent That's TSA Friendly

The first time I stepped into a heavenly scented Lush store was in Edinburgh, Scotland, with an ant's level view of the Old Town towering above me. At that time, Lush wasn't commonly found in the states, and poring over the fizzy bath bombs seemed like an exotic experience. If I recall correctly, I left with no fewer than five of those "bath bombs" stuffed into my carry on.

Today, I can count three Lush stores within 50 miles. While the original appeal of the foreign find has waned, I'm still a sucker for the handmade, naturally derived products. Topping my list is the brand's Karma Gorilla Perfume - a solid stick of vegan scent that's warm, spicy and slightly citrusy.

Small enough to slip into your pocket, the rub-on perfume adds a tiny bit of luxury when de-boarding a four-hour (or longer) flight. Best of all, it won't raise a single eyebrow in the airport security checkpoint; not a drop of liquid here.

The price is just as sweet as the scent, coming in around $11 for a .4 oz stick.

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